Working with farmers, roasters, baristas and customers taught me about the importance of long-term solutions which improve sustainability and create consistency as well as fair business ethics. 


Partner at Ratnagiri Estate and Nemesis Coffee.

Green Coffee Buyer, Roaster, certified barista, judge and trainer. More than 12 years in coffee industry. Past competitor at Barista ,Latte Art, Brewers Cup, Cup Tasters Championships. Cup Tasters Vice Champion of Poland 2015, finalist of Barista Championships in Poland 2014. Holder of many coffee certificates including, SCA Intermediate Brewers and Foundation, Intermediate Sensory and Foundation. Actively engaged in giving back to the community by volunteering at events such as World of Coffee in Rimini, Nice, Gothenburg, Portland, Nordic Barista Cup, Nordic Roaster Forum (2x) and SCA Roaster Camp. Previously involved in businesses in Europe, cafe owner, now closely working with origin. My work focuses on sourcing coffee from India, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda.

Previous roasting related projects:

Arabica Kyoto (Japan)
Arabica Kuwait (Kuwait)
Fabrica Coffee Roasters (Portugal)
49th Parallel Coffee Roasters (Canada)
Caffenation Antwerp (Belgium)
Populus Coffee (Germany)
19 grams Coffee / Tres Cabezas (Germany)
Hard Beans Coffee Roasters (Poland)
Dobra Palarnia (Poland)
Uno Espresso (Poland)



Implementing Cropster™  software helped us be more consistent and predictable. Damian's assistance in building Quality Control department additionally was essential, benefiting my business.





  • Roasting basics and profile adjustments

  • Charge temperature and its consequences

  • In Between Batch Protocol

  • Faulty roasts analysis (underdeveloped, baked, roasty, scorched)

  • Heat transfer and its impact on roasting

  • Maillard Reaction Tests

  • First Crack and its control

  • DTR, end temperature, total roast time and color insights

  • Understanding Drum Speed and Airflow

  • Color measurement as the ultimate indicator

  • Adjust roasting profiles for filter and espresso

  • Concept of Light Roast

  • Structuring blends with established and diverse compounds

  • Cropster™ integration

  • Roasting machine modulating  (adding / changing probes; different types of burners; airflow adjustments)


  • Defects elimination (UV light and hand sorting)

  • Correlation and analysis of Density, Moisture and Water activity

  • Cupping protocols

  • TDS measurement and why it's important to calibrate your tools

  • Data recording and analyses

  • Elevating sensory skills to properly evaluate your roasted and green coffee samples

  • Production cuppings vs sample evaluation cuppings

  • Ikawa sample roasting and profile development

  • Brewing techniques for roasts evaluation


  • Seasonality in green coffee buying

  • Sourcing coffees according to individualized requirements

  • Sourcing blenders, sizable lots and building containers

  • Origin Trips with clients

  • Transparency as a major key in your green coffee program

  • Establishing direct relations with farmers

  • Connecting Clients with exporters, importers, shipping, logistics and financing options

  • Experimental processing at the Origin: washed, natural, honey and  anaerobic environment with diverse strains of yeast . Controlling fermentation and modulating cup profile

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